Mrs. Vicki Donahue

Mrs. Vicki Donahue has her Child Development Certificate and is continuing her education to finish with a master teachers status in child development through Long Beach City College. She has more than 18 years of experience working with pre-school aged children in the Bellflower School District as an instructional aide in special education. She has been working since 1993 as an assistant teacher and substitute lead teacher in the Los Alamitos Child Development Center. 
About Our Teacher

Mrs. Donahue is married with three grown children and has five granddaughters with whom she tries to spend as much time as possible. At Li’l Cottonwood, Mrs. Donahue is both teacher and director since 2004. She enjoys the parent co-op experience because of the unique opportunities that it provides in enhancing the children’s total learning environment. This enables Mrs. Donahue to create a nurturing and loving learning environment for the children. She says that the warm family feeling is evident in the classroom. Mrs. Donahue believes that working with children is the best job she could have hoped for. She adds, “Children are so full of wonderment and enthusiasm. Seeing those faces every day so eager to learn and discover is what makes teaching so special.”


Children learn best through play. I follow and support Piaget’s Theory by offering many experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Children will be able to experience all of the senses through music, language arts, science materials, literature, dramatic play, nutrition and small and large motor activities. I believe that it is my responsibility to facilitate the children’s learning experience by guiding them to wonder, discover and explore the world around them. Children will be able to make choices and to express themselves. With guidance, they learn about appropriate behaviors as they move about their day. Redirection is used to help children regain self-control when necessary. Teaching respect for ourselves and for others is essential in our classroom to ensure that all of the children feel safe, valued and nurtured. I believe that good communication between parents and teachers can strengthen the connection between home and school, which is essential to a happy and productive learning experience for all children.