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Mrs. Juliana Wissa

Mrs. Wissa holds a Director permit and Master Teacher permit, as well as a BFA in Ceramics and a BA in Art History from Colorado State University. She has more than 8 years experience working with children. She has worked at the Los Alamitos Unified School District’s Child Development Center as an Instructional Assistant, Sub for Lead Teachers and, most recently, the Coordinator and Teacher of the Art program in the preschools.
About Our Teacher

Mrs. Wissa is married with two children. She has been a member of the Rossmoor community for sixteen years. Mrs. Wissa is thrilled to work in a Co-Op school where the parents are so involved and invested in their children’s education. She believes that the freedom to play, explore, investigate, and socialize is a wonderful foundation for our young learners and future leaders. Teaching children is her passion and that is felt in the classroom!


Children learn best through play. I follow and support Piaget’s Theory by offering many experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Children will be able to experience all of the senses through music, language arts, science materials, literature, dramatic play, nutrition and small and large motor activities. I believe that it is my responsibility to facilitate the children’s learning experience by guiding them to wonder, discover and explore the world around them. Children will be able to make choices and to express themselves. With guidance, they learn about appropriate behaviors as they move about their day. Redirection is used to help children regain self-control when necessary. Teaching respect for ourselves and for others is essential in our classroom to ensure that all of the children feel safe, valued and nurtured. I believe that good communication between parents and teachers can strengthen the connection between home and school, which is essential to a happy and productive learning experience for all children.

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