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Our Goals


Li'l Cottonwood strives to develop relationships for children and parents, akin to a large family environment. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of the whole child through activities that help the child grow physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. It is our objective to create a warm, friendly, safe atmosphere that fosters positive attitudes and development.


Our Curriculum

Li'l Cottonwood is an enrichment program that believes children learn best through play. The school environment is divided into centers offering art supplies, books, music, blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play, sensory experiences, and science activities. The daily schedule includes group activities, indoor and outdoor play time, snack, interactive learning, and time for personal choices as well. Because Li'l Cottonwood is a co-op preschool, it provides the children with the added benefit of parental support, interest, and love throughout their school day. It also makes Li'l Cottonwood a wonderful place to forge long-lasting friendships for parents and children alike.

Our Schedule


​8:30 - Class Starts

8:35 - Group Time, Music, Movement, Choosing Helpers, Story Time

9:10 - Wash Hands, Transition to Snack Time

9:25 - Books and Puzzles

9:35 - Calendar and Weather Helpers

9:45 - Outside Time - Large and Small Motor Activities

10:15 - Song Leader, Share Time, Shining Stars

10:30 - Activity Centers

11:15 - Clean up Time

11:25 - Quiet Music, Rest Time, Good Byes

11:30 - Dismissal


*Schedule may change on days we have special events or excursions.

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